Bridges Preparatory School NJHS/NHS is looking for Refridgerator Boxes or other large boxes, they can be preferably dropped off at the Bridges Prep Upper School Campus, 553 Robert Smalls Parkway, Tell the Front Desk in the Small Building, they are for Mr. Q or Mrs. Cooper
I am helping teach people about Networking and Technology. I am looking for old computers(laptop or tower), or old Android Devices. I will take the accessories if you want to give them away. Base Requirements - Must not be too damaged( a broken screen is okay, but if the shell of the computer is majorly cracked, i can't use it) - Power Cord should be included(if you have it) - If you do not kno...
I've been sleeping on a shitty, broken futon for about 4 months since I've moved into my own place. Anything will do I just need a 3 seated sofa
Gm on 10/21/2018 my home burned down. My kids and I lost EVERYTHING.I'M in need of a stove and dressers. Thanks in advance.